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  • This Technology Lets You Become a Dolphin

    Would you be more likely to save a dolphin if you could become one?

  • Pink dolphin has non-transmissible skin cancer: Underwater World Singapore

    Animal welfare groups Wildlife Watcher (Singapore) and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said in a report that the health of dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon is "appalling". Underwater World Singapore said one of the dolphins singled out is receiving treatment for skin cancer.

  • Pink dolphin at Underwater World Singapore has non-contagious skin cancer

    SINGAPORE - Underwater World Singapore (UWS) has come under fire after animal welfare groups accused them of keeping their animals in poor conditions. They have since responded by stating that one of their pink dolphins is suffering from a non-contagious form of skin cancer, according to The Straits Times. The marine mammal is currently undergoing regular health checks and is said to be in good ...

  • Underwater World clarifies dolphin's skin condition

    "Health checks are conducted regularly and the results show that, apart from the cancer, which is being specifically treated, the dolphin is generally in good health," a spokesman said. It is now being treated by a marine mammal veterinarian. Get the full story from The Straits Times . Pink dolphin at Underwater World Singapore has non-contagious skin cancer SINGAPORE - Underwater World ...

  • Disney Swan and Dolphin getting $125M makeover

    The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel is getting the largest makeover in its history.

  • What happens when you give a breathalyzer test to a dolphin?

    Scientists have developed a method of capturing a dolphin's breath and analyzing its chemistry, as a way of helping to treat ailing dolphins and to learn more about their biology.

  • Boat capsizes off Indian coast; 3 Russians killed

    PANAJI, India (AP) ? A boat taking tourists on a dolphin-sighting trip capsized off India's west coast Tuesday, killing three Russian women, police said.

  • ?I Am Dolphin?: where dolphins, gaming and neuroscience meet

    This is your brain on dolphins.

  • This Dolphin ?Breathalyzer? Diagnoses the Health of Marine Mammals and the Ocean

    Biologists are pulling dolphins over and giving them breathalyzer tests?and not because they?re high on puffer fish.



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