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  • Dead dolphin and whale found (BBC News)

    The bodies of a rare whale and dolphin are found washed up on the shores of St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly.

  • Officials Warn N.J. Dolphin Spotters of Shark Threat (Fox News)

    Wildlife officials in New Jersey are warning dolphin spotters that the animals they are watching could be bull sharks, known for attacking humans.

  • Hubbs-SeaWorld: Dolphin Attacked By Sharks (Central Florida News 13)

    A bottlenose dolphin may be Tropical Storm Hanna's first casualty after it washed ashore in New Smyrna Beach with shark bites in its side.

  • Dolphin speedboat makes a splash (Ananova)

    A dolphin-inspired cross between a jetski and a submarine is the latest millionaire plaything making a big splash.

  • REPLAY LIVE WEBCAST: Hawkeye football with Gary Dolphin (The Gazette)

    Gary Dolphin, the voice of the Hawkeyes, joined Gazette reporter Scott Dochterman and Iowa Hawkeye football fans to talk Iowa football in a live webcast and chat from Carlos O'Kelly's in Iowa City.Check out a replay of the live chat below.



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