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  • Dolphin offense seeks to start fast (The News-Press)

    If there was one thing the Miami Dolphins were kicking themselves for following last week's season opening loss, it was that their offense didn't get...

  • Rescued sea lions thrive at Dolphin Encounters in the Bahamas (Los Angeles Times)

    Hurricane Katrina destroyed Murray the sea lion's home but he and his pals are back in action at an island marine park. Nassau, Bahamas

  • Oceans in crisis: fishing lobby litigates (Scoop.co.nz)

    The fishing industry's obstinate opposition to recent protections for the critically endangered Maui's dolphin shows how essential it is to strengthen New Zealand's fisheries and marine protection laws, the Green Party says.

  • Florida Marins rally past Nationals (Miami Herald)

    The Marlins overcame a 6-1 deficit, scoring seven runs in the eighth inning Sunday at Dolphin Stadium to defeat the Washington Nationals 8-7.

  • Dolphin gallery reopens in the West Bottoms with group show of area artists (The Kansas City Star)

    John O’Brien winces when you say it, but parts of his Dolphin gallery and framing business, newly ensconced in a renovated Butler-style building in the West Bottoms, look like a museum.

  • Mirage puts baby dolphin on display (Las Vegas Sun)

    At 10:41 a.m. on Sept. 6, The Mirage welcomed a 20-plus pound, healthy baby girl to its family. A baby dolphin, that is.

  • Launch Of Ciaglia Blue Dolphin - The World's First One-Step Percutaneous Tracheostomy Device (Medical News Today)

    Cook Medical launches the Ciaglia Blue Dolphin? Balloon Percutaneous Tracheostomy Introducer - the world's first one-step device for percutaneous tracheostomy procedures. Ciaglia Blue Dolphin minimises patient risk by combining balloon dilation and tracheal tube insertion.



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