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  • Dolphin dives into iPhones

    Gestures on the new Dolphin Browser for iPhone. (Credit: Dolphin) The Dolphin Browser made a name for itself on Android, carving out a space as a zippy alternative to the default browser while rapidly building a robust feature set. Dolphin for iPhone , released today, brings most of those features to iPhone owners. The most notable one is gesture-based browsing, which makes it the only iPhone ...

  • Stranded dolphin found dead

    The bottlenose dolphin discovered in a creek not far from the Chesapeake Bay, was found dead Friday.

  • Dolphin Studies Could Reveal Secrets of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Those looking for non-human intelligence can start here on Earth with dolphins.

  • Dolphin sighting off of Chickahominy River

    Dolphin sightings aren't uncommon in the Chesapeake Bay, but seeing one in a freshwater creek off of the Chickahominy River caught some by surprise near New Kent.

  • 'Cove' star urges dolphin-watching, not killing

    The star of the Oscar-winning movie about dolphin-killing in Japan had only praise for a small island off the eastern coast that thrives on snorkeling with dolphins, and he urged the rest of the country to follow that example.

  • Wayward Dolphin Far Up a Virginia Creek

    Dolphin sightings aren't uncommon in Chesapeake Bay tributaries. Seeing one in a freshwater tributary of the Chickahominy River got a Virginia aquarium's attention.

  • Blue Dolphin Common Stock to Resume Trading on Nasdaq Capital Market

    Blue Dolphin Energy Company , an independent oil and gas company with operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and the North Sumatra Basin offshore Indonesia, announced today that it received a letter from The Nasdaq Stock Market notifying Blue Dolphin that the Nasdaq Hearings Panel , pursuant to instructions received from the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council, had determined to resume ...

  • UPDATE: No sign of dolphin in James City creek

    The absence of a bottlenose dolphin in Diascund Creek on Thursday is a good sign to the Virginia Aquarium. It could mean the dolphin swam out of the creek and back into deeper water. It had spent two days in a small area, and by Wednesday morning had become more sluggish. Since dolphins are air breathers it would have to surface periodically.



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