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  • New dolphin species discovered in Australia

    Researchers in Australia have discovered that dolphin colonies living around Melbourne are a species unlike any other in the world, they revealed on Thursday.

  • WTO panel rules 'dolphin-safe' tuna labels are too restrictive

    GENEVA ? The popular "dolphin-safe" labels used to market tuna sold in the United States are illegal because they restrict too much trade, a World Trade Organization panel ruled in handing a partial victory to Mexico.

  • Dolphin baby given 'ticking off'

    Dolphin watchers in west Wales spot unusual behaviour as a mother repeatedly tosses a newborn calf into the air.

  • Dolphin beaches itself in New Smyrna

    A bucket brigade is helping keep a 10-foot Risso's dolphin cool and wet this afternoon.

  • Dolphin-safe tuna ruled illegal in US

    World Trade Organisation says 'dolphin-safe' labels on cans of tuna in the US are illegal because they restrict too much trade.

  • Rescued Risso's dolphin appears to be 'good candidate' for rehabilitation

    A Risso's dolphin that beached itself on New Smyrna Beach this morning appears to be a good candidate for rehabilitation, a worker with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute said.



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