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  • New Dolphin Species May Already Be at Risk

    A dolphin that was previously lumped in with other species of coastal-dwelling dolphins is actually its own Australian species, researchers say. And already, the new Burrunan dolphin may be in danger due to its small population and limited range.

  • Dolphin stranded in Sutherland Bayou euthanized after rescue attempt

    Wildlife experts spend hours on a mission to help the injured female. Ultimately, she is euthanized.

  • 'Dolphin Tale' screening Wednesday night at Ruth Eckerd Hall

    Times staff Tuesday, September 20, 2011 CLEARWATER 'Dolphin Tale' screening today at Ruth Eckerd The first big unveiling of the movie Dolphin Tale will be tonight during a 3-D screening at Ruth Eckerd Hall for those who can shell out $99 a ticket. The film, which premieres in theaters Friday, is loosely based on the story of Winter, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium's star dolphin. Cast members and ...

  • 'Dolphin Tale': Dive into the facts and the not-quite-factual details from the movie

    By Steve Persall, Times Film Critic Wednesday, September 21, 2011 So many movies claim to be "based on," "inspired by" or "suggested by" true stories that separating fact from fiction can be tricky. Dolphin Tale stays faithful to the essentials of Winter the bottlenose dolphin's injury and rehabilitation but still takes a few creative liberties. Spotting these differences is part of the fun of ...

  • Movie Review: 'Dolphin Tale'

    The story of how Winter, a New Smyrna Beach, Fla., dolphin, lost her tail and became the star attraction of the Clearwater Aquarium becomes an adorable kids' film in "Dolphin Tale."

  • 'Dolphin Tale' director Charles Martin Smith has a way with animals

    By Steve Persall, Times Film Critic Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Animals have been important to Charles Martin Smith's movie career, from his acting in the true-life adventure Never Cry Wolf to his directing a dog in Air Bud and a sea mammal in Dolphin Tale . Even Smith's breakout role in American Graffiti cast him as Terry the Toad. All appropriate for an eager beaver of a filmmaker. By all ...

  • Dolphin Tale | Plucky people help a plucky dolphin in this inspirational family flick

    On the one hand, Charles Martin Smith's family-friendly feature Dolphin Tale, about a sad boy and a hurt dolphin, is an overstuffed kid-vid. The "real events" it's based on likely include only this: A rescued dolphin in Florida suffers an amputation and is eventually fitte... By Al Hoff.



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