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  • Dolphin Protections ?Clayton?s Measures? Say Campaigners

    Dolphin campaigners are commending Nick Smith?s proposal announced today which would extend the protection for Maui?s, the world?s rarest and smallest marine dolphins. Maui?s dolphins are found only here in New Zealand.

  • Dolphin die-off linked to virus as casualties rise

    Count of dead rises to 18 in Md. since July 1, 333 along East Coast Scientists believe a virus similar to measles in humans is responsible for an accelerating die-off in bottlenose dolphins along the Mid-Atlantic coast.        

  • Media Timeout: Announcers Dolphin, Walters weigh in on Iowa-ISU

    ANDREW LOGUE: This week's Media Timeout takes on the CyHawk football game, local hockey coverage, and quotes and quips from Iowa's media personalities.

  • Maui dolphin plans 'lacking logic'

    Government research into disease and the effects of pollution on the Maui's dolphin would go further to preserve the species than extending the set net ban, a commercial fishing industry spokesman says.

  • Conservation groups: Govt's dolphin proposal 'inadequate'

    Conservation groups say a new government proposal to help the world's rarest marine dolphin, Maui's dolphin, is inadequate and will not save the species from extinction. Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith has proposed a 350 square...

  • Measles-like virus may be cause of dolphin deaths on U.S. coast

    By Environment Correspondent Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A measles-like virus that suppresses the immune system could be the reason an extraordinary number of bottlenose dolphins have died after becoming stranded along the U.S. East Coast, a panel of dolphin experts said on Tuesday. ...



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