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  • The Lame Excuse Aquariums Use to Justify Taking Dolphins From ?The Cove?

    In recent years, the dolphin drives that corral hundreds of animals into the cove in Taiji, Japan, have been separated into two phases. The first occurs in early September, when bottlenose dolphins are captured alive for sale to aquariums, but none are slaughtered. This is followed by the regular season of massacre, which lasts until April, when a mixture of dolphins and small whales is ...

  • 'Addict dolphin' feared dead

    Perth dolphin believed to have died, ending sad life of dependency and isolation.

  • Op-Ed: Don?t Believe the Lies You Hear About Dolphin Intelligence

    There has been a recent spate of articles claiming that dolphins are ?thugs? and ?dumber than chickens.? Not only do these articles read as though they were written by high school troublemakers, but they also make false claims and disseminate misleading information that is at odds with current scientific understandings of dolphin and animal cognition.  

  • Dead dolphin found in area likely died from virus

    The virus is a measles-like disease that has killed hundreds of dolphins along the East Coast.

  • Area researchers brace for deadly dolphin virus

    A massive, widespread dolphin plague could make its way to beaches in Southeastern North Carolina, a threat local researchers said they can do little to prepare for beyond watching and waiting.

  • Dead dolphin spotted in Chesapeake Bay

    Viewers sent in pictures of a dead dolphin floating on its back in the Chesapeake Bay on Wednesday. Hundreds of...

  • Dolphin die-off linked to virus as casualties rise

    Count of dead rises to 18 in Md. since July 1, 333 along East Coast Scientists believe a virus similar to measles in humans is responsible for an accelerating die-off in bottlenose dolphins along the Mid-Atlantic coast.        

  • Dead dolphin found on Kent Island

    STEVENSVILLE ? The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is investigating the cause of death of a decomposed dolphin carcass that was washed ashore Aug. 15, along Cloverfields beach on Kent Island.



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