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  • Taiwan seizes 1,800 pounds of dolphin meat

    A dolphin performs on August 11, 2013 at the Marineland animal exhibition park in France. Taiwan coastguards Thursday said they have arrested two people and seized 820 kilograms of dolphin meat as the island steps up efforts to protect endangered animals.

  • Happy Birthday Lehua! Dolphin Quest Hawaii's First Second-Generation Dolphin Calf Celebrates 1st Birthday

    WAIKOLOA, Hawaii, Sept.20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Lehua the dolphin celebrated her one-year birthday Tuesday (September 17, 2013) at Dolphin Quest Hawaii, located at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. (Photo: ...

  • Board supports greater protection for Maui's dolphin

    "Another possible Maui?s dolphin death in Northland this month highlights the pressing need for greater protection," says Northland Conservation Board Chair Mita Harris. "We are urging Northlanders to have a say in ensuring the survival of this critically endangered species." The dolphin was found on 13 September on Ripiro Beach near Dargaville. "We are now awaiting the formal identification and ...

  • Dolphin found dead was same one rescued by paddleboarders at Sandbanks

    A DOLPHIN found dead on a beach in Poole Harbour is believed to be the same one rescued near Sandbanks over the weekend.

  • Dolphin deaths surpass 300

    NORFOLK - Dolphins continue to wash ashore on the beaches of Hampton Roads. Just this week, 16 have been recovered by the Stranding Rescue Team at the Virginia Aquarium. The team was out Friday morning in Ocean View to pick up one that was found Thursday night. "I watching these people swim and this man swam into it and I watched him pull it up," said Preston Harrison. People on the beach at ...

  • Dolphin ?Stranding? Could Now Be A Hunting Habit

    Dolphin stranding is normally used to describe dolphins who have beached themselves for some reason or another, and it?s not always known if the events are intentional or not. According to ABC News, dolphin stranding has become known as a new possible hunting pattern used by the creatures. The report stated that ?a group of... Read more Dolphin ?Stranding? Could Now Be A Hunting Habit is a ...

  • Whale of an achievement

    For tourists on the Hauraki Gulf whale and dolphin-watching cruises, an added thrill often comes after a whale encounter, when one of the crew heads for the back of the boat, grabs a fine mesh net and scoops up a load of whale poo."You...

  • Op-Ed: Don?t Believe the Lies You Hear About Dolphin Intelligence

    There has been a recent spate of articles claiming that dolphins are ?thugs? and ?dumber than chickens.? Not only do these articles read as though they were written by high school troublemakers, but they also make false claims and disseminate misleading information that is at odds with current scientific understandings of dolphin and animal cognition.

  • This Porpoise Slaughter Is Seven Times Bigger Than the Cove?s, So Why Haven?t You Heard About It?

    Every year for the past decade, volunteers from around the world have made a pilgrimage of protest to Japan, home to the eight-month bloodbath of whale and dolphin slaughter in the cove at Taiji. That hunt began again this month, and all eyes are on the infamous inlet?now more than ever?thanks to the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove.

  • Shotgun pellet found in dead dolphin's fin

    An examination of a dead dolphin at Outer Harbor in Adelaide has found a shotgun pellet in its fin.



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