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  • 'Dolphin Tale' hero's new home tangled in aquarium politics

    By Letitia Stein CLEARWATER Fla. (Reuters) - The family-friendly hit "Dolphin Tale," whose sequel opened in theaters this weekend, tells the true story of a dolphin who learns to swim without a tail. The movie ends with Winter, the tail-less dolphin, helping save the struggling Florida aquarium that rescued her. "Winter can't do those kind of shows, even if we wanted to, which we don?t," said ...

  • 'No Good Deed' upstages 'Dolphin Tale 2' at box office

    Thriller "No Good Deed," the story of an escaped convict who terrorizes a woman and her children inside their home, seized the top spot on U.S. "Dolphin Tale 2," the sequel to a 2011 hit about a plucky marine mammal, finished second with $16.6 million. Last weekend's winner, Marvel's hit space adventure "Guardians of the Galaxy," came in third with $8 million. "Guardians" became the first film ...

  • Review: 'Dolphin 2' is a warmly immersive adventure

    Containing all the elements that made the 2011 original boy and his dolphin story a hit with audiences and critics, Charles Martin Smith's 'Dolphin Tale 2' is another engaging film inspired by the real-life inhabitants of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

  • Family Filmgoer reviews ?Dolphin Tale 2?

    Movie reviews with kids in mind: This week, a sequel about a dolphin with a prosthetic tail.

  • Dolphin sleeps with hapless snorkler

    Want to know where in the world you can go swimming with wild dolphins? David Barbeler heads to Hawaii's Oahu island to join a sleepy pod.

  • 'Dolphin Tale 2' to top 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' thriller 'No Good Deed'

    ?Dolphin Tale 2? may splash ahead of thriller ?No Good Deed? and four-time box office winner ?Guardians of the Galaxy? this weekend.

  • "Dolphin Tale 2" an inspiring sequel

    Blissfully swimming against the hyperactive kids' movie tide, "Dolphin Tale 2" gently peddles inspirational life lessons while respecting both its characters and its audience.

  • Dolphin Tale 2 [2014] [PG] - 2.3.1

    A dolphin's new prosthetic tail saved her life, but a pool mate dies and she becomes depressed. The USDA demands that the director of the aquarium (Harry Connick, Jr.) find her a female dolphin friend or lose her to a Sea-World type home.

  • Box Office: 'No Good Deed' Easily Beats 'Dolphin Tale 2' With $24.5M

    James Gandolfini's final film, 'The Drop,' comes in a strong No. 6 despite playing in only 809 theaters read more



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