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Great Sandy Strait - Fraser Island's Playground


World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is a unique natural environment that has developed over 800,000 years — it is the largest sand island in the world and one of the rare places where rainforest grows on sand.

Fraser Island’s Aboriginal name, 'K'Gari', appropriately means paradise. The heritage of the traditional Badtjala people is evident in archaeological sites across the island.

Fraser Island's abundant pristine freshwater lakes and crystal clear creeks are great spots to view flora and fauna. Scenic 4WD circuits and walking tracks, including sections of the Fraser Island Great Walk, take in some of the largest of the lakes. Cool, peaceful rainforests of towering satinay and brush box trees, some over 1,000 years old, contrast with swampy wetlands, heathlands full of wild flowers and coastal strands of Pandanus palms.

Over 325 species of birds and several species of wallaby, possums, flying foxes, echidnas and eastern Australia's purest population of dingo can be found on Fraser Island. A unique species of tortoise can be found in many of the freshwater lakes. The warm waters surrounding the island attract dugong, dolphins and turtles.  The magnificent humpback whales, with their young, pass on the western side of the island between late July and early November.

Fraser Island Attractions:

  • Central Station, originally established as a forestry township, is a beautiful rainforest area, with a short boardwalk that follows Wanggoolba Creek.
  • Lake McKenzie is one of the island’s best-known freshwater lakes. It is a refreshing swimming spot and has good day facilities nearby. Lake Wabby, surrounded by a massive sand-blow, is the deepest of the island’s lakes. Lake Allom is a small, attractive lake with a forest backdrop and special inhabitants — tortoises.
  • Eli Creek is the largest freshwater creek along the east coast, with over four million litres of water flowing into the ocean every hour!
  • The Cathedrals are towering cliffs of multicoloured sands sculptured by the wind into huge peaks.
  • The Champagne Pools at Middle Rocks, just north of Indian Head, are beautiful rock pools filled with bubbling seawater - they are excellent swimming holes at low tide!
  • The wreck of the ‘Maheno’, once an impressive vessel, lies buried in sand just north of Happy Valley.