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Great Sandy Strait - Fraser Island's Playground


One of the most beautiful beaches in Queensland is found at Tinnanbar, boasting white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and views to Fraser Island. The safe, unpolluted waters are populated with sea turtles and dugong.

Tinnanbar is a small fishing village situated at the southern end of Great Sandy Strait overlooking World heritage Farser Island and is probably the nearest mainland settlement to the Island. Unlike many places in the region TINNANBAR has good sandy beaches at all tides and the beaches are suitable for fishing and sailing

Tinnanbar Beach - enjoy our beautiful white safe sandy beaches. Facing north along sandy strait TINNANBAR is sheltered from prevailing winds. There are a number of creeks close by, water depths to 90 feet in the straits and good access to offshore fishing grounds providing a variety of choice to all!

There are two good boat ramps servicing the area, one at Kauri Creek and the other in TINNANBAR.