Hand Feed Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Hand Feed Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

About Tin Can Bay

The population of Tin Can Bay is about 2,000. The town is about (210km North of Brisbane. It is a small town secluded in the Tin Can Inlet and is well known for its recreational fishing and boating. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil waters by house boat, canoe or sea kayak. Street-side parklands offer shaded areas with barbecues and playground facilities.

Aerial view of Tin Can Bay.

Tin Can Bay was originally part of a large timber logging area, which ceased in 1893, although some milling and dugong catching continued until the end of the century. The first recorded inhabitant to settle the Tin Can Bay area in the 1890's cultivated Oysters in the calm waters of Snapper Creek but this venture proved uncommercial due to variable tides.

Fresh water was discovered in 1919 and land was slowly made available for purchase to Gympie and Maryborough families who built weekend fishing retreats. In 1955 saw the start of a new industry when prawns were discovered in commercial quantities and the town boomed with the added population of sand-miners and forestry workers.

Today it is a quiet holiday destination for those who love the coast and the natural wonders of the Cooloola National Park, the Great Sandy Strait and World Heritage Fraser Island all just minutes away.

Tin Can Bay is a fishing and boating paradise located on the Cooloola Coast 2 1/2 hours drive north of the Queensland state capital Brisbane and just off the southern tip of World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

The main industry is still fishing, boasting a fishing fleet of around 50 Prawn & Scallop trawlers working out of the Bay on a seasonal basis and more recently Spanner Crabs are being caught for the overseas market.

Marina and Houseboat/Yacht charter facilities reflect the predominance of water-based activities for visitors wishing to explore the Great Sandy Straits from Inskip Point to Hervey Bay, a beautiful waterway protected by Fraser Island.

Houseboats at Norman Point, Tin Can Bay.

The old town itself is built on a peninsula that protrudes into Tin Can Inlet providing safe beaches for families and calm waters for recreational boating.

Only 90 minutes north is Hervey Bay, home of Whale Watching from July to November and the same distance south to the major tourist mecca of Noosa.

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