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Barnacles Dolphin Centre海豚壶中心

Barnacles Dolphin Centre at Tin Can Bay is one of the few places where you can feed the rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins for free.海豚壶中心在天湾是少数能在这里,你可以养活稀有印度太平洋驼背豚,为免费.

Hand Feeding Wild Dolphins at Tin Can Bay在田面可喂养野生海豚湾

Hand feed dolphins in the wild at Tin Can Bay.

The Tin Can Bay dolphins generally arrive at the boat ramp at Norman Point between 7.00am and 10.00am and feeding begins at 8.00am天才能到达普遍海豚湾水上坡道诺曼点之间,上午10点上午07时,饲在上午08时开始

This tremendous experience of feeding the wild dolphins is free (Note: Dolphin feeding is Regulated by the Queensland Government. Fish to feed dolphins is to be purchased on-site to minimise potential risks to the dolphins).这巨大的野生海豚喂养经验免费(注:海豚喂养均受昆士兰政府.海豚是鱼饲料购买的现场,以减低潜在风险海豚).

Read the story of the Tin Can Bay Dolphins and "Scarry" here .阅读故事的铁罐、海豚湾"scarry"这里.

Barnacles Dolphin Centre operates from Barnacles Restaurant at Norman Point, Tin Can Bay.中心设有餐厅从海豚壶壶在诺曼点铁罐湾. Click here to visit our map page to view a location map showing how to find Barnacles Dolphin Centre.点此浏览页次地图看地图如何找到一个位置壶海豚中心.

Enjoy a great time feeding the dolphins and stay on to enjoy a sumptuous morning tea or lunch at Barnacles Cafe and Restaurant.有着巨大的海豚和喂养时间留在享受一顿丰盛上午壶茶或午餐咖啡馆和餐馆. See our menu here .我们在这里看到菜单.

Barnacles Restaurant and Cafe at Norman Point, Tin Can Bay.

For more information, please email us at info@barnaclesdolphincentre.com.au更多资料,请电邮我们info@barnaclesdolphincentre.com.au